Maxfield Parrish

"JASON & The TALKING OAK" * 1908

Original Mint Deluxe Art Print

Printed by Dodge Publishing Co. * For P. F. Collier & Son

Jason and the Talking Oak
RARELY SEEN True Mint Colors and Crisp Condition.

Scarcely Seen at all Let Alone Offered with Colors Like This.

You'd be Hard Press to Find a Better One.
I have seen only a few myself in almost 30 years of chasing High Quality MP Items.

Framed in an Original Period Frame.

Acid-Free Products and 99% U. V. Museum Glass have
been used to protect it from further aging.

Printed Image Size is Approximately 9" x 11+"

This Crisp Quality Print will be a proud addition to
the Collection of any True Maxfield Parrish Connoisseur!

Price is:  $445 + $25 for Shipping, Insurance and Handling
*   *   *
To purchase this piece, you may email Stephen at:
To get a faster response, put the words "Maxfield Parrish" in the subject line.
Or, you may give him a call on his cell phone:  


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