~ For Sale ~

Maxfield Parrish Printer's Proof


Vibrant, Gem, Uncirculated Colors

Printed by Dodge Publishing Co. * For P. F. Collier & Son

Vibrant, Gem, Uncirculated Colors and Crisp Condition.

This is the First Time this print has been Framed.

Framed in an Ornately Detailed Period Frame.

Acid-Free Products and U. V. Conservation Glass have been used to protect it from further aging.

Printed Image Size is Approximately 9.25" x 11.5"

Printer's Tag
This Crisp Quality Print will be a Proud Addition to the Collection of any True Maxfield Parrish Connoisseur!

Price:   $475 + $30 toward Shipping, Insurance, Handling.  I'll pay any balance & there will be one.

To purchase this piece, you may email Stephen at:   dreamgardener49@aol.com.
To get a faster response, put the words "Maxfield Parrish" in the subject line.
Or, you may give him a call on his cell phone:  

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